If you are renting a home, chances are that at some point the property manager may want to schedule a mid-lease walk-thru of the home. Our own property management division, Kristalli Property Management, schedules periodic drive-by inspections of all of the houses we manage, and arranges for semi-annual interior inspections. 

Here is a little more about the process and what we’re looking for:

WHO: At least one member of our property management team will use our keys on file to access your home. You do not need to be home, but we do ask that if you are not, that you secure your pets. If you aren’t there, we’ll leave a note letting you know how things went. It will only be members of our management team. If there are any items in need of repair, we will schedule repair vendors with you at a later date. 

WHAT: We are checking to make sure the property is being maintained and documenting the overall property condition for our files. If there are minor items in need of repair or issues that need to be addressed, then this is a great opportunity to learn about them before they become worse. Many times we have heard from tenants that there are small issues with the house they are renting, but they didn't seem serious enough to put in a formal repair request. We have found that many times it is at this walk-thru inspection that these items get brought to our attention and are able to be handled. 

*Note: All walk thru are a general assessment of the condition of the home but are NOT intended as a comprehensive or final walk-thru for security deposit deduction purposes.

WHEN: Interior inspections are done at least twice per year on each house. We give all tenants at least 5-day notice by email. The entire process averages about 15-20 minutes. These inspections will take place during business hours

WHY: The goal of these inspections is truly to assess and document a property's condition over the course of the lease. Homes are expensive investments, and we have a duty to our owners to try and do everything we can to ensure they are being maintained properly so that they can retain their value over the long term. The goal of our inspections is not looking to “catch you” doing wrong. We just wanting to address any potential issues early on and offer the owners assurances that their property is well.     

If ever you have questions about a walk-thru inspection on a home you rent, or about any of the policies or practices of our Property Management department, feel free to reach out to us! 

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