Garden Ridge

Just a stone’s throw away from San Antonio’s northeast border lies this quiet, peaceful municipality filled with majestic oak trees and large estate style properties. Somehow amidst the crazy growth of its northern and southern neighbors (SA and New Braunfels), Garden Ridge has managed to retain its relaxed, charming slower paced atmosphere while still managing to see its own growth into the modern times through new construction and business development. Nestled near the intersections of I-35 and 1604, this community is tranquil, accessible, and highly desirable. 


Grumpy's Mexican Cafe

Bracken Village

Rolling Oaks Mall

JW Bracken Saloon

Bracken Gun Range

GARDEN RIDGE Neighborhood Schools:

Elementary School:  Garden Ridge Elementary School

Middle School:  Canyon Middle School

High School: Canyon High School

* Private schools listed above are a small sampling provided for illustrative purposes only. Please check directly with the district to explore additional schools available in this area.

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