Summary of Property Management FAQ

Why hire a professional property manager?

Property managers can help ease the burden of lease negotiations, efficiently supervise repairs, ensure compliance with legal standards, obtain and retain qualified tenants, and add a layer of protection to help preserve and even increase the value of one of your largest investments- a home.

What services does Kristalli Provide to its owners?

• Helping you prepare your property for listing

• Listing your house for rent on REALTOR® MLS and many other major websites

• Receiving/processing tenant apps.; includes rigorous credit and background checks

• Drafting the lease using only Texas Association of REALTORS® approved forms

• We employ an advanced on-line property management system (Appfolio), providing Owners and Tenants online access to their accounts and enabling on-line payments

• Owner disbursements sent no later than the 10th of the month

• Emailing monthly invoices and annual 1099's for taxes

• Conducting physical reviews of all rental properties every 4 months

• Handling all tenant repair requests, per Management Agreement guidelines

• Providing Owners with the best deals on a variety of home maintenance items (i.e. home warranty coverage, our preferred vendors list, Angie's List reviews, etc.)

What costs are associated with property management?

1. Owner agrees to sell property to tenant during this agreement or within 180 days after it ends, Owner will pay Broker a fee equal to 6% if another broker is used for tenant. If representing tenant and seller fee is reduced to 4%.

2. Owner agrees to sell property to a person other than a tenant who occupied the property and Broker procures the buyer, directly or through another broker, Owner will pay Broker a fee equal to 6%.

3. Sale Coordination Fee – If owner agrees to sell the property and Broker would not be paid a fee as above (typically i.e., family member), Owner agrees to pay Broker a fee for coordinating the sale.

What about multi unit properties or owners who have multiple homes?

We are equipped to manage multi-unit properties and are willing to discuss special rates or service needs for owners who have more than one home. Give us a call today so we can sit down and create an individualized service plan to meet your specific management needs.

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