Property Management FAQ

Why hire a professional property manager?

Property managers can help ease the burden of lease negotiations, efficiently supervise repairs, ensure compliance with legal standards, obtain and retain qualified tenants, and add a layer of protection to help preserve and even increase the value of one of your largest investments.

What services do YOU provide?

→ Helping prepare the property for listing, including staging, recommending cost effective updates, and professional photography

→ House listed for rent on mutliple MLS systems, as well as dozens of major websites (Zillow,, Trulia, etc) and military resources.

→ Processing tenant applications; includes rigorous credit and background checks, rental and employment history.

→ Lease preparation using only attorney written, state specific Texas Association of REALTORS® approved forms

→ Advanced on-line property management system (Appfolio), which allows online payment and 24/7 access to accounts, invoices & documents.

→ Owner disbursements via direct deposit no later than the 10th of the month

→ Monthly statements & invoices sent electronically. Annual 1099's for taxes, as well as copies of all repair invoices.

→ Quarterly property inspections with full report, including photographs.

→ Repair and maintenance request handling and supervision.

→ Vendor recommendation, including preferred client pricing.

→ Market analysis and review to maximize rental rates and evaluate investment strength.


What costs are associated with property management?

Here is just a quick rundown of the types of fees/ expenses you can expect when you put your owner into property management:


Initial Admin Setup Fee                                           

This includes our initial assessment, listing/marketing, tenant screening, and accounting setup.

Property Management Fee : 10% Monthly Rent

This covers the entirety of our services - repair coordination, lease enforcement, accounting, legal compliance, property maintenance and inspections.maintenance of all systems. A separate vacancy rate may apply when the home is unoccupied

Service/Lease Extension Fees              

Unlike many other companies, we do not charge fees for extending a lease or for coordinating repairs, only a nominal fee to re-list and re-lease.


Repairs and Maintenance                   

Owners are responsible for repairs and updates on their properties, except any repairs or damage caused by tenant fault or negligence (beyond normal wear & tear). Well maintained properties lease faster and entice stronger tenant applicants.

Property Code Compliance                     

Texas Property Code requires that rental property meet certain standards and contain specific security and safety features, including re-key. Cost varies by property.

Taxes, Insurance, Etc.                 

Owners are encouraged to discuss tax advantages and repercussions with a tax professional before putting a home into management. Owners are responsible for payment of property tax, homeowner's insurance and even HOA fees.



What about multi-unit properties or owners who have multiple homes?

We are equipped to manage multi-unit properties and are willing to discuss special rates or service needs for owners who have more than one home. Give us a call today so we can sit down and create an individualized service plan to meet your specific management needs.

We DO offer discounts on initial setup fees for current or former military service members.

What happens when I want to sell?

If you’re ready to sell your home, the management agreement has provisions for nearly every scenario. If the tenant purchases the home, you pay a commission agreed upon in this document and gain the full representation services of one of our expert agents in the transaction. If you are looking to sell to a family member or ready-made buyer, our commissions may vary. 

Our strong team of agents can also list your property for sale at the same time as it is listed for lease, to try and solicit the best possible option for your personal situation.

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